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Practical solutions made of Resilin and Resilin composites materials.

What is resilin

What is Resilin?

Resilin is a super performing protein originated from insects. It is the most elastic material on earth and enables the amazing flight and jumping abilities of insects.


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Using genetic engineering techniques, we extracted the DNA that codes for resilin and cloned it into bacterial cells. This enables us to tailor-fit the protein for a verity of use cases and produce it at very large scale.

Products and Use Cases

Having near-perfect elasticity and resilience, resilin can be implemented within a wide range of products such as: elastic adhesives, sports goods, flexible screens, hair care and cosmetics, 3D printing, and more. As it is a non-toxic bio-degradable protein, these resilin-based products are environmentally beneficial game changers for multiple applications.


Reducing the use of toxic chemicals and fossil derived materials

Energy saving

Replacing synthetic non-biodegradable materials

Less CO2 emissions

Low Carbon footprint

Our Mission

Bringing nature’s wonder materials to the industry. Offering realistic, super performing, green and safe materials for a variety of applications.


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Dr Liron Nesiel, CEO              Prof Oded Shoseyov, CSO                  Nili Tunis, CFO

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Amir Rudich
Head of R&D

Dr Chen Nowogrodski
Head of Product development

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Michael Tunis
Investor & co-Founder

Naama Tamo

Daniel Voignac

Business Development

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Shmuel Sachar
Investor & co-Founder

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